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VT Marble & Granite

What is new?


African Cat Eye

We are proud to announce the release of our latest natural stone, the African Cat Eye. It is a unique Red material, which is exclusively available from us.


Juperana Sunset

The Juperana Sunset is mined from our newly opened quarry. The Juperana Sunset has a flowing characteristic pattern to it and is sure to fit any project you may have in mind.


Edge polishing machine

Automatic multi-spindle belt edge polishing machines, manufactured according to the up-to-date concepts and structural principles, they are remarkable for their performance and production on every kind of material. On materials used in the building field, furnishings and monuments they are able to carry out at the same time: gauging/calibration, straight edge polishing, bevels, lower and upper grooves.

edge polisher machine

The Comandulli at work in our factory:


CNC Machine

The Bavelloni EGAR 323-4 N can meet the demands of every stone processing sector, i.e. constructions, interior decorating, etc. In performing the most difficult, and most profitable processing work, the EGAR 323-4 N can work tops in lengths of 3300mm, solid blocks of 600mm thick, hollowing out to 500mm deep and extremely high quality slanted planes.

5 axis cnc machine

The Bavelloni at work in our factory:

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